GDC Agenda 2014-08-06

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World Summit 2014

  • Review and approval of last minutes

  • Action Items
    • Juergen: Shutdown the current location is pointing to
    • Nichole: Social event information added to
    • Nichole: Discuss specifics with videographer
    • Nichole: Sync Google Excel with online program
    • Chris: First contacts Vladimir (with invitation of Kevin) and connects him to Kevin
    • Joyce: Contact Doug Fridsma and John Halumka
    • Chris: Send NIST contacts to Jürgen
    • Stefan: Developer Track for website will be delivered end of next week (by June 6); Block 1-5 headlines with short abstract to each block

  • Review of website and registration
  • Online version of program?

  • World Summit site map should include?
  • Program
  • Registration
  • Speakers list (Photo, CV)
  • Details on the location
  • Details on the social events
  • Past summits
  • Current registrations

  • Review of program

  • Keynotes status

  • Developer track status
  • Status Stefan Sauermann, Justin Fyfe

  • Announcement plan and marketing
  • Announcements will be sent with "teasers" of the program
  • Every final part of the program could be feeded into a mailing
  • First feed which will be converted in a mailing: Final panel 5
  • Review Action item: Chris: Send out until end of week
  • Will be done when website is updated with social event information (see above)
  • Other future feeds: Keynote fixed, Developer track fixed, etc.