GDC Agenda 2014-02-05

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  • World Summit (all topics related to World Summit - 20 minutes)
    • Need clearly defined answer to who, what, where, when and why?
      • Review Juergen's statement of purpose that will help in considering these questions
  • World Summit Remaining work items
    • Budget
  • Potential Date(s)
    • Update from Chris on discussion with HL7 regarding possibility of synergy w/ Sept. 14-19, Chicago meeting
    • Alternate date: Connectathon Conference 2015, January 28, 2015 in Cleveland, OH
  • Program Planning w/Social Events
    • Develop program and identify speakers
    • Identify potential social events
  • Logistics
    • Identify and secure venue and hotel room block
    • Create registration site
  • Marketing
    • Define marketing plan

*Assign action items - due 2/17 in preparation for 2/19 call

  • GDC Governance and Process (20 minutes)
    • Review draft communication encouraging participation - CC
      • Roster and distribution list
        • Governance states that national deployment committees should designate representatives; some national deployment committees are not likely to participate regularly
        • Communication to additional participants
        • Devise incentives for participation
        • Voice in decision-making process
        • Requirement to report to GDC annually and review reports of other NDCs
        • Opportunity for sharing of best practices and understanding international trends
          • Specific topics of interest:
            • Managing an NDC
            • Organizing and executing education events, Connectathons and testing services
            • Coordination with government initiatives and deployment projects
            • Leadership: Co-chair elections
            • Other communications and administration
            • National Deployment Committee Reports
            • Review process
            • Schedule and communication
  • IHE Colombia/Brazil/Americas (5 minutes)

(5 minutes)

  • Recap (5 minutes)

Global Deployment Coordination Committee