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(Projects & Case Studies)
(Projects & Case Studies)
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:* [[Image:IHE Eur Pharmacy White Paper Final Text 1.2.pdf]]
:* [[Image:IHE Eur Pharmacy White Paper Final Text 1.2.pdf]]
:* [[Image:IHE+Pharmacy+White+Paper+version+1.0+for+public+comments+Eng-Fr.pdf]]
:* [[Image:IHE+Pharmacy+White+Paper+version+1.0+for+public+comments+Eng-Fr.pdf]]
:* [[http://groups.google.com/group/ihe-france-pharmacie IHE France Pharmacie Google Group]]
:* [http://groups.google.com/group/ihe-france-pharmacie IHE France Pharmacie Google Group]
EAI (Enterprise Application Integration)
EAI (Enterprise Application Integration)

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IHE-F is an initiative which was created in 2001 by the GMSIH (Groupement pour la Modernisation du Système d'Information Hospitalier) and SFR (Société Française de Radiologie).

Today several institutions and associations join IHE-F : INRIA (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique), SFIL (Société Française d'informatique de laboratoire), ADICAP (Association pour le Développement de l’Informatique en Cytologie et Anatomo-Pathologie), ASIP'Santé, PHAST (Association de Pharmaciens Hospitaliers), EDISANTE, SDB (Syndicat des Biologistes), FNI (Fédération Nationale des Infirmiers)

IHE-F contributes to several IHE Domains :

Demonstrations & Presentations

Date Location Event Details
2008.05.27-30 Paris, France HIT 2008 IHE Demonstration
2009.02.12 Paris, France HL7 France Technical Comittee Contact info@hl7francehprim.org for details.
2009.03.10 Paris, France IHE France Steering Committee. At the GMSIH (09h30-13h00).
2009.03.12-13 Paris, France IHE Anatomic Pathology meeting The next IHE Anatomic Pathology meeting will be held in conjunction with the COST IC0604 meeting.
2009.03.17 Paris, France IHE France meeting on Emergency The aim of this meeting is to identify interoperability problems in Emergency cases.
2009.05.07 Paris, France HPRIM-HL7 General Assembly Contact info@hl7francehprim.org for details.
2009.09.22 Paris, France Interop' santé General Assembly IHE-France joined Interop'Santé.
2009.11.23 Paris, France HL7-France, IHE-France and HPRIM Steering Committees
2009.11.23 Paris, France HL7-France, IHE-France and HPRIM Steering Committees
2009.12.14 Paris, France HL7-France annual meeting File:JCC - Reunion 14 decembre 2009.pdf
File:EPO - Connectathon.ppt
File:CDA - Anapath.ppt
File:FMA - ASIP Sante et IHE.pdf
File:FMU - PAM.ppt
File:ECO - Europe.ppt
File:MME - Profils ITI.ppt
File:PPU - REM demo at JFR2009.ppt

Projects & Case Studies


T2A (Financial Management)


EAI (Enterprise Application Integration)

Success Stories

Site Poster
CHU de Bordeaux File:HIT2007-CHUB.005.pdf
CH de Roanne File:HIT2007-Centre Hospitalier de Roanne.002.pdf
CH de Denain File:HIT2007-Denain.004.pdf
CHU d'Amiens File:HIT2007-Amiens 006.pdf
Hôpital Saint-Anne File:HIT2007-Hopital Sainte-Anne.001.pdf
CHRU de Tours File:HIT2007-Tours.001.pdf

Supporters and Endorsements






For more information, please contact :

User Cochairs:

  • Karima Bourquard kbourquard@yahoo.fr
  • Philippe Puech - CHU de Lille dicomworks@yahoo.fr

Vendor Cochair:

  • Jean Christophe Cauvin - Medasys Jean.christophe.cauvin@medasys.com

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