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IHE Technical Frameworks

IHE Technical Frameworks specify the technical details of the Integration Profiles. Each IHE Domain publishes Technical Framework which are used by engineers to implement IHE functionality.

Technical frameworks are published in volumes. The first volume typically defines the Profile, the use cases, the actors involved and the requirements for conformance. Subsequent volume(s) specify how to implement the transactions used in the Profiles. The last volume is usually reserved for National / Regional extensions.

Objective & scope

The aim is to extend the IHE initiative to wow gold anatomic pathology laboratories, their dcuo cash information, automation, imaging systems and equipments.

The scope of the rift plat anatomic pathology includes rift plat surgical pathology, rift plat biopsies pathology, rift plat cytopathology, rift plat autopsies, and other rift plat related techniques (immunohistochemistry, molecular pathology, etc).

Information systems in anatomic rift plat pathology laboratories gather medical data (text, images, etc) throughout the rift plat specimen management from specimen reception to report editing.

The diagnostic process in dcuo cash anatomical pathology (figure 1) differs from that in the clinical laboratory since it relies on image interpretation and left 4 dead 2 cheats. It also differs from that in radiology since it is specimen-driven and when digital imaging is performed many types of imaging equipments (gross imaging, microscopic still imaging, whole slide imaging, multispectral imaging, etc) may be involved for a single examination. Moreover, with GoDaddy Promo Code you'll be advance in game and images of the same study may be related to different specimen (parts and/or slides) from one or even different patients (e.g Tissue Micro Array). Finally with SEO Elite Review, slides are always available to acquire more images, if needed. In radiology, the diagnostic process is patient-driven, an examination (study) usually involves a single image acquisition modality and all images of the study are related to one and only one patient.

Official Publication

Public Comment Drafts


Change Proposals are fixes and clarifications which get incorporated into a Technical Framework.

See Also

Technical Framework Development Process for details on how they are organized and how they are developed.