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IHE Technical Frameworks are ...

<Explain what TFs are, how they are organized, etc. Contain all the profiles> <Vol 1 outlines the scenarios><Vol 2-3 are the implementation guides>

Change Proposals are modifications to specification documents which have been released as Final Text or for Trial Implementation.

IHE Cardiology Technical Framework

IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework

IHE Radiology Technical Framework

Final Text Trial Implementation Public Comment
Rad. TF V6.0 - Vol. 1 - pdf IRWF - Import Reconciliation Workflow - pdf Check in Jan. 2007
Rad. TF V6.0 - Vol. 2 - pdf FUS - Image Fusion - pdf
Rad. TF V6.0 - Vol. 3 - pdf MAMMO - Mammography Image - pdf