FHIR Resources for MMM

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FHIR resources for MMA

Functional resources – transaction content

  1. Get medications for a patient: medicationRequest http://build.fhir.org/medicationrequest.html
    1. Must have a specific parameter (medicationRequest.intent or other) to select only the lists of administrations planned, not the prescriptions and encoded orders, etc.
    2. Search criteria:
      1. Date of administration=<...>
      2. Patient=<...>
      3. Nurse=<...>
      4. Stage=AdministrationPlan??
        Will confirm this with HL7
  1. Send report of administration: medicationAdministration http://build.fhir.org/medicationadministration.html
    1. Must include non-administrations, as well as other information
    2. Do we include perfusion administration?
    3. Do we need to differentiate already-dispensed medication with to-be-dispensed medication? Suggestion: perhaps we later have to append a “dispense” resource.
    4. Later: Delivery and not administration (supplyDelivery? Dispense?)
    5. Later: consume 2 items to administer only 1.


Technical transport: How to get information from server to client

  1. Option 1: REST PULL
    1. Nurse app must retrieve the medication administrations planned for the treatment.
    2. Search parameters in medicationRequest , search criteria same as above:
    3. GET, https://www.hl7.org/fhir/medicationorder.html#search
    Possible gap: how can we search for only this nurse?
    It is not in the search criteria. So..
    1. Client filtering from getting all records from all nurses
    2. IHE search extension
    3. Core: medicationrequest.Performer would be the best (not DispenseRequest.Performer).
      IHE can add search parameters, but we will align with HL7 first.
    Gap: Query on date of planned administration – should be part of the search criteria.
    IHE extension or FHIR Core. Will propose and align.
  2. Option 2: Subscription
    Search criteria are the same above
    1. Use http://build.fhir.org/subscription.html
    PUSH mechanism: Messaging or email.
    For messaging, we add messageheader.

Question: how to handle these transport mechanisms? Jose will ask how ITI is handling it so far.