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IHE Eye Care is sponsored by the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and manages the Eye Care Profiles and the Eye Care Technical Frameworks.

There are two committees:

Timeline : 2007-2008 Development Cycle

2/15/08 – Version 1.2

TC – Technical Committee

PC – Planning Committee

Subgroup A - Education and Promotion of IHE Eye Care
Subgroup B - AAO Showcase Demonstration

PM – IHE Eye Care Connect-a-thon and Demonstration Project Manager

Date Event Description Meeting Agenda Meeting Minutes
Dec. 21 (2007) Planning Committee (PC) T-con to discuss Year 3 Phone conference to layout goals and strategy for Year 3
Jan. 17 PC meeting in Wash. DC Working meeting to make final decisions on Year 3 plans Agenda
Jan. 18 TC meeting in Wash. DC Working meeting for writing technical framework document for year 3 Agenda
Alternating Fridays PC GotoMeeting

(multiple meetings may occur)

Subgroup A and B teleconferences. Meeting to work out the key details for the connect-a-thon and demonstration. Goal to have completed document TBD.

(Typically 1:00-3:00 Eastern Time)

Selective Fridays TC GotoMeeting

(multiple meetings may occur)

TC working on document for public comment

(Typically 11:30-1:00 ET)

Feb 1st TC - Year 2 Final Text Phone Meeting Final review (11:30-1:00 ET) - completed
Feb 1st Use Cases provided Year 3 profiles Confirm PDF standard ISO 19005-1
Feb 7 Don to Provide the OP Option All drafts due distributed
Feb 15 TC - Review Year 3 Work Items Work on Year 3 documents
Feb 26 PC meeting in Orlando (HIMSS) need to finalize Subgroup B to see IHE showcase on Feb 26 (3:00 PM)
Feb 26 TC meeting in Orlando (HIMSS) need to finalize Work on Year 3 documents - 6:00 PM Tentative
Feb 27 PC meeting in Orlando (HIMSS) need to finalize Feb. 27 at the Rosen Plaza Hotel, 9700 International Drive

Working meeting to implement plan for Year 3 – PC

Agenda Minutes
Feb 28 HIMSS Meetings with other IHE groups – International IHE committees start at 9:00 AM
Feb 29 TC - Review Year 3 Work Items Work on Year 3 documents (tentative)
March 7 PC Meeting Minutes
March 7 TC GoToMeeting Year 3 Profiles Work on Year 3 and Final Review before public comments (11:30-2:30 ET) Agenda Minutes
March 17 TC publishes profiles for Public Comment Public Comment version of IHE Eye Care Integration Profiles
March 21 PC Meeting Agenda Minutes
April 4 PC Meeting Agenda Minutes
April 16 TC Public Comment Period Over Public Comments Must be delivered to Don (30 Day Public Comment Period)
April 18 TC Review Public Comments TC to review and provide resolution of Public Comments (11:30-1:00 ET)
April 25 TC Approve any changes TC to review and provide resolution of Public Comments (11:30-1:00 ET)

Update framework to Trial Implementation draft

April 30 TC publishes Profile for Trial Implementation (Connect-a-thon Spec) Release IHE Eye Care Technical Framework Document – Trial Implementation Version. This is the specification that will be used for the connect-a-thon and demonstration. (No addition meeting schedule; will be added if needed)
May 2 TC Review and finalize the 2 day Webinar Review, Webinar for technical content (11:30-1:00 ET)
TBD PC updates demonstration requirements document Detailed description of demonstration. Includes marketing and technical responsibilities of vendors. Needs to define each actor in the demonstrations and specific list of requirements (based upon Trial Implementation Version).
May 15,16 IHE Eye Care Educational Workshop 2 day Webinar

Provide technical education of IHE profiles for vendors and users. Provide connect-a-thon and demonstration educations, fees, parameters, etc. Release invitation forms.

Mid June One-day organizational meeting for Connect-a-thon and Demonstration Requirement for participation. Each company needs to send one or more representative to walk through the connect-a-thon and demonstration steps.
Sept 15 Vendors submit MESA test results Need to review results and resolve issues
Early Oct IHE-Eye Care participation at Connect-a-thon 4 day connect-a-thon coordinated by PM (most likely at RSNA in Oak Brook, IL)
Nov 7 AAO 2007 Conference & Showcase Showcase test run (time TBD)
Nov 8-11 AAO 2007 Conference & Showcase Hold Demonstration at showcase in Atlanta


This document (in progress) outlines goals and plans over the next 5-10 years.

Current Activity

IHE Eye Care has started work in the 2008 Cycle on an Eye Care Workflow Profile. Watch for Public Comment drafts on March 17 2008.

The Technical Committee is currently working on the following items:

  • TF Updates for Year 3

Demonstrations & Presentations

Date Location Event Details
2008 Atlanta, GA AAO 2008 IHE Eye Care Interoperability Showcase

Supporters and Endorsements

IHE Eye Care is supported or endorsed by the following organizations:

  • American Academy of Ophthalmology

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