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Timeline : 2007-2008 Development Cycle

The Timeline shows the main milestones of the development cycle, the Timeframe when they are typically expected to happen each year, and the actual date/time/location they have been Scheduled for this year. Specific meetings and their agendas and minutes are generally listed on the page of the relevant Committee.

<List the key Development Activity milestones and deadlines. For context, it is OK to include a few Deployment Activities such as regional Connectathons.>

Timeframe Activity Scheduled Location
July Call for Proposals
Aug. Submission Deadline for Brief Profile Proposals to Planning Committee (PC) Sept 20 Wiki or E-mail
Sept. PC Selects "Short List" of Proposals Sept 21 10am T-Con
Sept. TC Evaluates "Short Listed" Proposals
Oct. PC Selects Final Proposals Oct 19 0900-1730 Chicago
Jan. TC Develops Supplements Chicago
Feb. TC Publishes Supplements for Public Comments www.ihe.net
June. TC Publishes Trial Implementation Supplements www.ihe.net
Jan. (Test implementations at North American Connectathon) Chicago