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|''recent''  ||          ||          ||                                    ||        ||
|''recent''  ||          ||          ||                                    ||        ||
| 2015.01.08 || 2400-2500 || T-Con                ||
| [[Endo Tech Agenda 2015-01-08|Agenda]] || [[Endo Tech Minutes 2015-01-08|Minutes]]
| 2014.12.05 || 2400-2500 || T-Con                || Review Board Report and 2015 Schedule
| 2014.12.05 || 2400-2500 || T-Con                || Review Board Report and 2015 Schedule

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Scope and Current Work

This committee handles both Planning and Technical Activities for the Endoscopy domain.

The scope of the committee is profiles focused on gastroenterology use of endoscopes.

Current profiles in development:

  • EWF - Endoscopy Workflow - workflow incorporating endoscopy procedure steps including ordering, procedure step notification and performed information notification.
  • ERPO - Endoscopy Report and Pathology Order - workflow of creating endoscopy clinical report and making pathology order on the report.

Current Meetings

Meeting notifications and reminders are sent to the Committee Mailing list. T-Cons may be added or re-scheduled periodically.

Proposed Agenda Topics will be scheduled for discussion at upcoming meetings.

Dates and Times are Japan Standard Time (Tokyo UTC+0900) for T-Cons and local time for face-to-face meetings.

Pay attention to the International Dateline when joining the calls from Europe or North America."

Date Time Location Topic Agenda Minutes
2015.01.08 2400-2500 T-Con Agenda Minutes
2014.12.05 2400-2500 T-Con Review Board Report and 2015 Schedule Agenda Minutes
2013.05.10 0900-1730 Silver Spring, MD USA Face to face meeting to review public comment candidate. Agenda Minutes
2013.04.19 0900-1000 http://ihe-j.webex.com TC to discuss TF draft of Endoscopy Domain. Agenda Minutes


IHE Endoscopy Planning & Technical Committee Rosters

Representatives with Voting Privileges (shown in the Roster as Voting = Yes) may vote and count towards quorum.

Voting Privileges are based on the Roster Role and attendance of the Member Organization for this committee.

If your organization is an IHE Member and you would like to be added to this roster, please provide the name of your voting representative (and optionally, alternates) to the Secretary.

If your status needs to be adjusted, please contact the Secretary and or a Cochair.

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