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IHE Endoscopy addresses information sharing, workflow and patient care in endoscopy.

IHE Endoscopy is sponsored by the Japanese Association of Healthcare Information Systems (JAHIS) and manages development of IHE Endoscopy Profiles and the IHE Endoscopy Technical Framework.

The IHE Endoscopy Planning and Technical Committee is a joint committee that oversees all of the domain's activities.

Timeline: 2013-2014 Development Cycle Milestones

Dates and times are U.S. Central Time (Chicago).

Timeframe Activity Scheduled Location
Aug Submit 2013-2014 Endoscopy Profile Proposals to Endoscopy Planning and Technical Committee - Wiki
Sep PC/TC Selects "Short List" of Proposals - T-Con
Sep PC Drafts Detailed Profile Proposals for "Short Listed" Proposals - Wiki
Oct TC Completes technical review of Detailed Proposals - T-Con
Oct PC makes Final Selection of Proposals for this year Apr 19 T-Con
Nov TC Profile development kickoff meeting May 10 Silver Spring
Jan TC Finalizes profile supplements for public comment T.B.D T-Con
Feb. Publication of Public Comment Supplements T.B.D www.ihe.net
Mar Deadline for submission of public comments on profile supplements T.B.D www.ihe.net
Mar/Apr TC reconciles public comments T.B.D T-Con
Apr Publication of CPs - released for Ballot T.B.D www.ihe.net
May Publication of Trial Implementation Supplements T.B.D www.ihe.net
Jun Publication of Final Text Technical Framework T.B.D www.ihe.net

Email Distribution List

IHE Endoscopy planning and technical committees use a Google Group email distribution list. You can visit and request to join the group page at [1]. Members can send messages to the group email address at ihe-endoscopy-pc@googlegroups.com.