Endo Tech Minutes 2015-09-09

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Date, Time:September.9, 2015 23:00-23:35 JST

Location:Teleconference (WebEx meeting)

Attendee: Katsuya Watanabe (JAHIS/Panasonic Healthcare Co.Ltd.), Goro Miura (Fuji Film Co.Ltd.), Masao Murata (Fuji Film Co.Ltd.), Takashi Ozaki (JAHIS), Atsushi Amano (JAHIS)

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Topic; EWF and ERPO document

Based on the previous meeting, EWF and ERPO draft were reviewed.

Conclusion; EWF and ERPO draft were approved to be Trial Implementation.


1. Editorial Correction

 - Accepted.

2. Is EWF unique for Endoscopy

 -“Endoscopy Ordering Workflow” name was accepted.
 - Relating to the abbreviation “EWF”, the name should be “Endoscopy ordering

3. Is Endo-1 same to Rad-2

 - Change Endo-1 to Rad-2.  It was accepted.
 - Originally as EWF is HL7 ver2.5 base, on the other hand SWF is on Ver2.3, 
   therefor Endo-1 was needed.  However recently radiology domain defined 
   SWF.b on HL7 ver2.5.1 and we have no longer strong reason to keep Endo-1

4. Patient Arrival should be Rad-3

 - Keep as it is.

5. Optionality

 - Based on the comment, “C” was changed to “O” with note. It was accepted.

6. Cross profile consideration

 - PAWF style description was taken and accepted.

7. Other

 - Fine.

End of the document