Endo Tech Minutes 2015-05-08

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Date, Time:May.08, 2015 23:00-23:30 JST

Location:Teleconference (WebEx meeting)


Masao Murata, Goro Miura (Fuji Film Co.Ltd.), Katsuya Watanabe (JAHIS/Panasonic Healthcare Co.Ltd.), Hideto Yokoi (Kagawa Univ.), Joe, Atsushi Amano (JAHIS)

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1. Public Comment discussion

 - Public comments and action proposal was explained by Art.
 - One recommendation to add reason why the ERPO is new by Dr.Yokoi. The words “because the future discussion with pathology domain may interrupt the profile” are added to J-5 description.
 - Voting was conducted and all the participants accept this draft and determined to post them to public comment phase.

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