Endo Tech Minutes 2015-01-08

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IHE Endoscopy Meeting Minutes

Date, Time:Jan.08, 2015 24:00-25:00 JST

Location:Teleconference (WebEx meeting)


Masao Murata (Fuji Film Co.Ltd.), Katsuya Watanabe (JAHIS/Panasonic Healthcare Co.Ltd.), Frolian Knicker (Panasonic R&D Center Germany GmbH), Atsushi Amano (JAHIS)

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1.Previous meeting minutes

The draft minutes was reviewed and authorized.

2.TF draft review

TF drafts were reviewed.

It was explained that the following points are the major modified points from original version. Original EWF profile was now divided into two profiles such as EWF and ERPO.

- Adjusted to reflect the latest argument relating SWF.b in radiology.

- National extension for Japanese market was added.

- Voting was conducted and all the participants accept this draft and determined to post them to public comment phase.

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