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Committee decisions may, at the discretion of the Committee co-chairs and secretariat, be determined by email ballot.

Submitting email ballots counts as committee participation for the purpose of acquiring or maintaining voting privileges

Voting eligibility is determined at the end of the ballot cycle.

  • If voting rights are acquired during the ballot cycle the organization's vote counts

Email Ballot Distribution

Email ballots should generally be distributed to the full roster of the relevant committee (i.e. via the mailing list). At a minimum, all members with voting privileges should recieve a copy.

A valid email ballot should identify the:

  • Proposition being voted on
  • IHE Member Organizations eligible to vote
    • Generally expected to be via reference to an up-to-date roster or rosters
  • Method of returning the ballot
    • Generally expected to be via return email to the Committee Secretary
  • Due date of ballot

Email Ballot Receipt

The committee secretariat is responsible for collecting/tallying the ballots.

The committee secretariat shall:

  • Notify submitters of ineligible ballots prior to announcement of ballot results

Email Ballot Results

Announcement of Email ballot results will include:

  • Winner or resolution of ballot
  • Organizations from which votes were received
    • Generally expected to be via reference to an up-to-date roster or rosters

The following example includes a paragraph of text which explains voting eligibility and processing of submitted votes.

Attached is Ballot #1 of Change Proposals for IT Infrastructure profiles. It is in the form of an Excel spreadsheet listing each Change Proposal. A ZIP file accompanies the ballot containing the details of each Change Proposal. Mark your replies in the ballot, with comments for any 'no' votes. Please submit completed ballots to under the "IHE" forum. Select "ITI Technical Committee Change Proposal Ballots 2008" sub-forum. All votes must be submitted on or before June 1.

Organizations eligible to vote are identified on the Rosters of the ITI Technical and Planning committees by a "Yes" in the Voting column. See and Eligibility is determined on the last day of the email ballot, so if your organization becomes eligible to vote during the ballot cycle your ballot will be counted after eligibility has been acquired. This vote counts towards acquiring or maintaining voting rights. Votes from ineligible organizations will be notified of such prior to announcement of the ballot results.