EduCom Minutes 2019-04-26

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  • Participants
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Stefan Sauermann
  • Chris Carr
  • Jamie Dulkowski
  • Laura Bright
  • Charles Parisot
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Approved

Exam launch

  • FTP Logo
  • Status and review of logo draft
  • Black-White version
  • Designer works out a colored version in orange/yellow, will be circulated soon
  • Which different logos do we need?
  • A base logo for the IHE-CPP program
  • A version for the certificate ("IHE Certified Professional", later "IHE Certified Solution Expert"), maybe with additional text line under the base logo
  • A version for accredited training providers
  • Discussion
  • Shall the "dedication of the logo" (e.g having a different logo for the different kinds of certificates) be part of the logo?
  • Shall the logo be extended by the term "PROGRAM"?
  • Decisions
  • Logo design will not be extended by the term "PROGRAM"
  • The logo is the logo of the "program", but the term is not part of the logo because of marketing/branding reasons (would detrack the viewer)
  • If logo is used by Accredited Exam/Training providers they will use the logo combined with a bottom line indicating
  • Decision on the final color will be taken after review of orange/yellow version

Processes Document

  • Status and review of additions (Version 0.18)
  • Chapter 5: Certification Issuing Process
  • Logo will go into right upper corner -> needs to be determined if color scheme of certificate document shall be aligned to logo color scheme
  • Laura questions, if the footer of GASQ is appropriate, because it's actually IHE issuing the certificate (through an issuer)
  • Action item: Uncertaincy which does reflect our scheme -> needs to be discussed with Werner
  • Other missing elements have been sent to Werner by Jürgen already
  • Decision: Finalization of certificate layout and texting after final logo is present

Accreditation of training providers

  • Status and next steps
  • Interested:
  • University of Applied Sciences, Austria
  • ZTG, Germany

Any other business

Next call

  • Friday, May 3rd, 08:00 - 09:00 CT (15:00 - 16:00 Vienna time)

IHE Education Committee