EduCom Minutes 2018-07-03

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Notes of Kick-Off TCon for the Education Committee / Professional Certification Jul 3, 2018:


  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Stefan Sauermann
  • Charles Parisot

Schedule / Milestone dates

Priority is the creation and start of the first exam:

  • Accreditation of training providers will be done after the first exam is online (in 2019)

Draft schedule:

  • Startup of education committee by end of Aug / early Sep
  • Biweekly TCons for the first 3 months
  • First pilot exam Nov/Dec
  • First trial of the pilot exams with selected persons Dec/Jan (e.g. IHE Services consultants, fellows from Development Domains, known IHE experts, …)
    • Including start of marketing=
  • Final exam being ready at CAT-US and/or EU 2019
  • Goal: Students of universities shall be prepared for sitting the exam at end of summer term 2019

Education Committee

Interim Chair: Jürgen


  • Current Wiki page:
  • A new Education Committee wiki page will be created
  • Current Education Workgroup page will be retained as „history“ (referred to as link)
    • A link to the new page will be added
  • Contains the usual “committee” text blocks, e.g. TCon schedule/agenda/minutes, etc.
  • Important points of the current page will be take over into the new page
  • Jamie will be asked to create the new page as structure and draft (Jürgen)
    • Stefan will contribute text blocks (starting early Aug)



  • A new FTP place will be created:
    • Old data will be moved there and old site deprecated
  • Jürgen does the start and Stefan fills with material (starting early Aug)

Next steps

Wiki/GoogleGroup/FTP shall be ready at end of July Stefan and Werner will create material:

  • Final schedule and milestone dates
  • Draft for scheme according to the contract:
    • Professional certification: Syllabus, Exam, Processes, certification marks, etc.
    • Accreditation rules for training providers: accreditation criteria, processes, certification marks, etc.

In August the following communication will take place:

  • Selected persons will be invited on a personal basis to join the google group (Jürgen)
  • Jürgen sends a message to the google group with the invitation to the first TCon according to final schedule
  • At first TCon, the material prepared will be shown and discussion starts