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(Systems Affected)
(Systems Affected)
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[[Category:QRPH Profile]]
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EHDI-HSDmsg EHDI Hearing Screening Device Message communicates hearing screening information to automate collection of hearing screening results from screening devices and thereby improve the collection of information used in early detection hearing loss.

EHDI Hearing Plan of Care In the EHDI Profile, the Hearing Screening Device message content module (HSDmsg) describes the content needed to communicate hearing screening information from a screening device using the Communicate Patient Care Device Data transaction (PCD-01).

Part of the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention - Family of Profiles.


Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) is a United States-based (US) public health program that directs hospitals to screen newborns for hearing loss prior to hospital discharge. The EHDI profile assists with detection, documentation of and intervention for hearing loss through a Hearing Plan of Care (HPoC) made available to all authorized care providers as jurisdictionally directed by the Public Health EHDI program. The HSDmsg content profile provides guidance on how system implementing the PCD Device Observation Reporter actor can structure and share a message designed to communicate hearing screening result information to a system acting as the PCD Device Observation Consumer actor using an HL7 V2.6 ORU^R01 message..


  • Ensure that newborn hearing screening results and other relevant clinical information are consistently communicated to care providers directly from the screening system
  • Eliminate the need to enter results from screening devices and minimize the errors and shortcomings associated with human data entry
  • Provide interoperability between clinical EHR and EHDI systems for increased efficiency and better data quality


The EHDI-HSD message content specifies how to use a HL7 V2.6 ORU^R01 message to share hearing screening results and automate collection of this information. The message includes the following types of information: • Message Header: includes information specific to the message type. • Patient Result Information: which includes Patient identity information, information on next of kin and associated parties, visit information, order information, and result information. It may include risk factor for the baby.

Systems Affected

Actors & Transactions:

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Specification Trial Implementation

Documents: IHE QRPH Supplement EHDI

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Systems Affected

A system which implements the Device Observation Reporter actor, such as a Patient Care Device Information System (PCD-IS), or an EHDI Information System designed to work with hearing screening devices, creates the EHDI-HSDmsg content and transmits it to a Device Observation Consumer using an HL7 V2.6 ORU^R01 message.

A system which implements the Device Observation Consumer actor, such as a Clinical EHR system or an EHDI information system (EHDI-IS), receives and processes the screening result information. Ultimately, the set of screening results captured for a newborn are assessed and a screening outcome result is derived for each ear based on the collected screening results.