EPharmacy Tcon 11&15 July-Minutes

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In the aftermath of the general conference call of July the 4th, it has been planed a new conference call to solve a specific topic : to study the terminology of the hospital and community use cases in order to unify it as much as possible. It took a second conference call to achieve that goal. As these two meetings were quite short and related to the same subject, it appeared more relevant to gather the minutes in a single document

Tcon 07/11/2008

  • Attendees : Jacqueline Surugue (EAHP), Franck Gener (Phast) , Nicolas Canu (Phast) , Juan Núñez (INDRA)
  • Written by : Juan Núñez
  • Summary

A discussion on the possibility of unifying the names of some actors in the hospital and community use cases took place.

The participants reached a common understanding of the roles of several actors, particularly: Prescription repository that is specific of the community pharmacy use case and principally of the centralised approach. Dispensation information repository: idem. Prescription information consumer and dispensation information consumer that are only needed when the dispensation information producer (usually the point of sale sw of the pharmacy) is not fully integrated with the prescription repository and the dispensation information repository, respectively.

  • Agreements:

Hospital and community pharmacy workflows are quite different in terms of actors involved and information persistence since hospital pharmacy seems oriented towards messaging whilst community pharmacy can be implemented as a centralised system or messaging system, depending on the approach: centralised or decentralised, respectively. The names of the actors depend on the transactions they support. Now that these transactions are stable, the unifying of actors’ names shouldn’t affect these definitions. Therefore it is unlikely that these names can be shared between the two main uses cases (hospital and community).

Tcon 07/15/2008

  • Attendees : Jacqueline SURUGUE (EAHP), Juan Núñez (INDRA), Sylvie JUVIN & Charles RICA & Anna ESTELRICH (GIP DMP) , Nicolas CANU & Franck GENER (Phast)
  • Written by : Franck GENER
  • summary

The attendees pointed out that all the actors, but the prescriber and the dispenser, are very distinctive between community and hospital pharmacy and can’t match each others. The reason lay in the different approaches used for these two sub-domains : The community pharmacy description is architecturally oriented (Exchange through registries) as the hospital pharmacy is focusing on work flows. Despite this gap, the GIP DMP (Charles & Sylvie) will try to write a common glossary (or index) to be delivered before next face to face meeting (end of august/beginning of September), in order, for community & hospital pharmacy, to share common definition of actors, actions & messages.

Organisation point: very few people were aware of the last meeting due to the lack of information about how to handle e-mail list and others IHE-communication tools. The attendees wish to take the opportunity of the next ftf-meeting get information about it.