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'''Profile Status:''' [[Comments| Trial Implementation]]   
'''Profile Status:''' [[https://wiki.ihe.net/index.php/Comments#Phases_of_Development| Retired]]   

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This profile has been deprecated.

The EMS Transport Summary (ETS) Profile details how information is shared during situations where patients are being transported to a hospital emergency department facility.


The ability to share information collected during the transport of a patient from any setting to the hospital emergency department facility with those who will be receiving the patient, regardless of transport time, is essential to complete patient care. The events focus on in this profile include those that involve a transport team, which is defined as any team of licensed or certified care providers that create content for the EMR. This team may be part of a fixed wing, helicopter, or ambulance transport. Multiple events associated with long term patient care are out of scope. Each incident that requires a specific number of transports between health care settings is the primary focus of this profile.

ETS processflow.png


  • Provides opportunity for emergency department staff to be well-prepared for an arriving patient
  • Elimination or reduction of medical errors
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency of hospital resource usage, including but not limited to healthcare staff


Upon determination of the patient identity, the prehospital provider consumes data previously gathered in other IHE PCC Profiles (e.g., through PHR or HIE system). The prehospital provider creates new data relevant to the care provided. This combined data of the prehospital emergency care provided is then shared with the emergency department content consumer (EDIS). The shaded actors are defined elsewhere in IHE PCC profiles. For details on these actors, see section X.5.6 Grouping with Other PCC Content Profiles.

Systems Affected

  • Emergency Department Information System (EDIS)
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Personal Health Record (PHR)

Actors & Transactions:

  • Content Agent
  • Content Creator
  • Content Consumer

ETS actortransaction.png


Profile Status: [Retired]


Underlying Standards:

See Also

Related Profiles

  • Cross-Enterprise Sharing of Medical Summaries (XDS-MS)
  • Exchange of Personal Health Record (XPHR)
  • Emergency Department Referrral (EDR)
  • Emergency Department Encounter Summary (EDES)

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