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IHE Domains are responsible for the development and maintenance of the IHE Technical Frameworks that document the Integration Profiles. Each domain manages Integration Profiles in a particular part of healthcare. For convenient reference, each domain has a short acronym. A general overview of the annual timeline of domain committee activities can be found here: Domain Milestone Dates. Domains submit annual Board Reports of their activities.

The currently active IHE domains are:

See Domain Committee Co-chairs List for a complete list of the co-chairs of each domain, the secretary and the Technical Project Manager.

New domains are added as more fields of healthcare adopt the IHE process.

Each domain carries out its work in two Committees.

The Planning Committee for a domain:

  • Recruits vendors of relevant information systems and users with clinical and operational experience
  • Develops long-term goals and roadmap
  • Identifies integration and information sharing problems and priorities
  • Gathers and reviews proposals for new problems/profiles.
  • Selects proposals for technical/effort evaluation by the Technical Committee
  • Approves proposals for Profile development by the Technical Committee
  • Develops educational materials for the domain and profiles

The Technical Committee for a domain:

  • Recruits vendors of relevant information systems and users with clinical and operational experience
  • Assesses the feasibility and estimated effort of selected profile proposals
  • Builds consensus on the appropriate standards-based solutions to approved proposals
  • Develops Integration Profiles to document the solutions in detail
  • Maintains the Technical Framework for the domain

Each domain is sponsored by a professional society.

The for a domain:

  • Oversees domain committee meetings
  • Recruits domain professionals to act as clinical advisors for the domain committees
  • Hosts or arranges facilities for meetings and teleconferences of the domain committees
  • Serves as secretariat for the domain committees
  • Promotes the activities of the domain by communicating to key stakeholders (including membership of the sponsoring organization) through publications, demonstrations and other methods at its disposal.
  • ...

Coordination among domains is the responsibility of the Domain Coordination Committee, composed of the co-chairs from each of the domain planning and technical committees.

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