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The currently active IHE domains are:
The currently active IHE domains are:
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IHE Domains are responsible for the development and maintenance of the IHE Technical Frameworks that document the Integration Profiles. Each Domain manages Integration Profiles in a particular part of healthcare. For convenient reference, each Domain has a short acronym. A general overview of the annual timeline of domain committee activities can be found here: Domain Milestone Dates. Domains submit annual Board Reports of their activities.

The currently active IHE domains are:

New Domains are added as more fields of healthcare adopt the IHE process.

Each domain carries out its work in two Committees.

The Planning Committee for a domain:

  • Recruits vendors of relevant information systems and users with clinical and operational experience
  • Develops long-term goals and roadmap
  • Identifies integration and information sharing problems and priorities
  • Gathers and reviews proposals for new problems/profiles.
  • Selects proposals for technical/effort evaluation by the Technical Committee
  • Approves proposals for Profile development by the Technical Committee
  • Develops educational materials for the domain and profiles

The Technical Committee for a domain:

  • Recruits vendors of relevant information systems and users with clinical and operational experience
  • Assesses the feasibility and estimated effort of selected profile proposals
  • Builds consensus on the appropriate standards-based solutions to approved proposals
  • Develops Integration Profiles to document the solutions in detail
  • Maintains the Technical Framework for the domain

Each domain is sponsored by a professional society.

The for a domain:

  • Oversees domain committee meetings
  • Recruits domain professionals to act as clinical advisors for the domain committees
  • Hosts or arranges facilities for meetings and teleconferences of the domain committees
  • Serves as secretariat for the domain committees
  • Promotes the activities of the domain by communicating to key stakeholders (including membership of the sponsoring organization) through publications, demonstrations and other methods at its disposal.
  • ...

Coordination among domains is the responsibility of the Domain Coordination Committee, composed the co-chairs from each of the domain planning and technical committees.

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