Domain Secretaries Committee Teleconference Agenda 2014-04-17

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  • Domain Webinar Series
    • Goal: Help organizations learn about IHE, get engaged in IHE development and testing activities and leverage IHE solutions to develop and implement interoperable HIT systems.
      • Action Needed: Domain secretaries and planning committee co-chairs work together to provide the following information, using this form, by May 14, 2014.
        • Webinar Date
        • Webinar Time (CT time zone; include start and end time)
        • Title
        • Session Objective (no more than 3-4 sentences)
        • Presenter(s) name (include degree and title as you want listed in promotional materials)
        • IHE Member Organization
        • Permission to post presentation materials to
  • Communication
    • Google Calendar update
    • Wiki pages (ie profiles, committees, mailing lists)
    • content