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! Date           
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! Minutes

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The Domain Coordination Committee is responsible for ensuring consistent processes across IHE Domains and promoting effective communication and coordination among them.

Participating in this committee is one of the duties of the Co-Chairs of IHE Domain Committees.

Coordination Documents

Domain Publication Dates

The table present on the above page lists dates primarily intended to help the IHE Sponsors track the timelines for the different domains and identify potential bottlenecks or scheduling issues. This is intended to be an "early in the cycle, high level overview of what is on the horizon". The information here will later be used as the basis for more detailed planning so it is important that it is accurate.


Domain Coordination Committee Roster


Domain Coordination Committee activities include:

  1. Sharing experience and advice on best practices, including mentoring of newly created Domains
  2. Discussing and collecting input on Profiles that may cross Domain boundaries
  3. Coordinating Domain development and publication schedules
  4. Develop, in conjunction with the Testing and Tools Committee, a consistent approach to ensuring testability of Profiles
  5. Developing common operational procedures (change proposal handling, profile standards selection, etc.)
  6. Developing common infrastructure for efficient committee work
  7. Ensuring consistency in content and format among Technical Frameworks and related documents published by all IHE Domains
  8. Review and approval of IHE Profiles prior to their publications as final text


Proposed Agenda Topics will be scheduled for discussion at upcoming meetings. See the committee calendar for future teleconference dates and times.

Date Agenda Minutes
2017-06-27 Agenda Minutes
2017-05-23 Agenda Minutes
2017-04-25 Agenda Minutes
2017-03-28 Agenda Minutes
2017-02-28 Agenda Minutes
2017-01-24 Agenda Minutes
2016-12-20 Minutes
2016-11-22 Agenda Minutes
2016-10-25 Agenda Minutes
2016-09-27 Agenda Minutes
2016-08-23 Agenda Minutes
2016-07-26 Agenda Minutes
2016-06-28 Agenda Minutes
2016-05-24 Agenda Minutes
2016-04-26 Agenda Minutes
2016-03-22 Agenda Minutes
2016-02-23 Agenda Minutes
2016-01-19 Agenda Minutes

Work Groups

Documentation Work Group

IHE FHIR Work Group

Working Documents

Sample Brief Profile Proposal Page

Domain Coordination Committee Google Docs Folder

Inventory of Profiles and Published Documents

Cross-domain Profile Dependencies

Domain Communication

Domain Milestones

Domain Board Report Template and Schedule

Board Reports

Technical Framework Documentation and Profile Consistency Issues Sample Wiki Page

Guidelines for Profiles Incorporating HL7 Messaging

Brief Profile Descriptions

Domain Coordination Committee Archive