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This work item is a revision to the current DSG supplement to update Digital Signatures to new IHE documentation template, and to use a newer version of XADES standard.

  • Harmonize with the S&I Framework initiative esMD and HL7 CDA Digital Signature
    • Harmonize the signature block requirements
    • Potentially add option for CDA encapsulated signature
  • we need to pull the NAV schema into the DSG spec.
  • Look to see if there are lessons learned as we update. Ask Massimiliano from Tiani, ask esMD, etc.
  • QRPH wants DSG document that encapsulates the content. This is mostly for RFD use-cases. Need to warn Document Sharing use-cases that this might not be well supported by Document Consumers.
  • Also: do we also mention the new CDA signature as an option, consider an encapsulating DSG (which may be covered by DEN), etc.
  • Add an Option that a Document Source could claim that indicates that it creates a DSG document representing the SubmissionSet. That is that the DSG document includes signature for all documents it is submitting in the submission set, and where that DSG document is included in the submission set.
  • could include an option for an encapsulated DICOM signature using the DICOM signature block

Need people. Plan: Put a call out to the QRPH, PCC, PCD, ITI implementer’s list (and the two vendors from CAT this year who did DSG) and other ITI lists looking for someone to help write this. Putting the call out to user-centric organizational bodies such as hospitals, EHRA, IHE USA implementation workgroup, etc via HIMSS would also be helpful.

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