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IT Infrastructure
A system that can request specific information or documents from an Information Source and display them.
The required capabilities for its use within the Radiology Technical Framework add the ability to view "web-viewable" diagnostic and therapeutic imaging information on interchange media.

Responsibilities in Profiles

The responsibilities placed on this actor in the context of each Profile is summarized here. For the actual specifications, refer to the Technical Framework.

A system that supports an Actor does not have to meet the requirements in any given Profile unless the system claims support of that Profile in the product Integration Statement.

Retrieve Information For Display

This Profile depends on the actor to:

  • request specific information for display,
  • request a document/object for display,
  • display the requested information.

Retrieve ECG Document for Display

This Profile depends on the actor to:

  • request an ECG list,
  • request an ECG document,
  • display the requested information.

See Also

This actor is often grouped with: Client Authentication Agent, Secure Node, Time Client

This page is based on the Actor Template