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Each IHE Domain Page on should include the following information:

Mission Statement

Brief statement of the clinical or operational domain and set of issues the domain addresses.


The Devices Domain (DEV) was created in 2019 as an expansion of the original Patient Care Devices Domain PCD Wiki page. Along with regulated Patient Care Devices, DEV now includes Personal Connected Health (PCH) and the Service-oriented Device Point-of-Care Interoperability (SDPi). These three groups are mostly autonomous sub-domains with the Devices Domain.

DEV Subdomains

DEV consists of three sub-domains addressing different clinical needs and use models. For further information on each, please go to the relevant wiki page:

Patient Care Devices (PCD) - Patient_Care_Device PCD Wiki page Personal Connected Health (PCH) - Personal Connected Health PCH Wiki page Service-oriented Device Point of Care Interoperability - Device Point of Care Interoperability SPD Wiki Page


Each Sub-Domain has it’s own sponsors.

For Patient Care Devices, the sponsors are:

American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE),
Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS), and
Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI).

For Personal Connected Health, the Sponsor is

For Service-oriented Device Point-of-Care 10 Interoperability (SDPi), the sponsor is


DEV has an overall Guidance Committee, consisting of representatives from each Sub-Domain’s Planning and Technical Committee.

Additionally, each Sub-Domain has it’s own Planning and Technical Committees

PCD Planning Committee PCD Technical Committee

PCH Planning Committee - PCH Technical Committee -

SDPi Planning Committees - SDPi Technical Committee -

Additionally, each Sub-Domain has workgroups for specialty applications/implementations within their area.


One line descriptions of the profiles (final text and trial implementation) published by the domain, as well as links to the more detailed descriptions on the Wiki and to the Technical Framework pages. PCD Profiles are listed in each Sub-Domain’s wiki page:

PCD - PCD Profiles


SPDi -


To learn more about the Devices Domain, please contact the Domain Secretary at


Domain Coordination Committee