Device Point-of-Care Interoperability Program

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(Devices page)


  • DPI Program overview
  • DPI Governance and Organization
- Sponsor(s)
- Leadership
- DEV/DPI Sponsor: [|OR.NET]
- DPI Program Administrator: Todd Cooper
- Program Co-Chairs (Pending DEV Confirmation):
  • DPI Meetings Section
- IHE_DEV_DPI_2020-07-23_Web_Meeting
- IHE_DEV_DPI_2020-08-27_Web_Meeting
- NOTE: September 24 meeting CANCELED due to conflict with HL7/IEEE vWGM that week
- IHE_DEV_DPI_2020-10-22_Web_Meeting
- NOTE: TBD November & December meeting dates - both are on U.S. and International holidays!
  • DPI Work Program & links (profiles & Confluence)
- <ADD: SDPi Profile Page>
- <ADD: Gemini SDPi+FHIR Page>
- OR ADD a single section on this page with links to the confluence and IHE wiki pages as appropriate
  • ... <from today's meeting: link in meetings section, roadmap, links to SDPi+FHIR confluence, github space etc>