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Service-oriented Device Point-of-care Interoperability (SDPi) High-Acuity Device-to-Device Plug-and-play for Reporting, Alerting & Controlling (PRACtical Connectivity)


The IHE Devices domain Services-oriented Device Point-of-care Interoperability (SDPi) profiles provide "from the device interface" plug-and-play device-to-device interoperability optimized for the highest acuity devices used in operating rooms, intensive care units and emergency / trauma care departments. The profiles are based on the IEEE 11073 Service-oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) standards that build upon the core IEEE 11073 device terminology / nomenclature & domain information model standards (11073-1010x & 11073-1010201) and leverage broadly deployed Web Services (WS-*) technology to achieve PRACtical device interoperability: Plug-and-play, Reporting, Alerting and external Controlling.

IEEE 11073 SDC Standards High-Level Overview

More extensive SDC and SDPi background is provided in the IHE SDPi White Paper (see below).

Profile Development Roadmap

Based on IHE profile development & testing processes, an "aggressive but aspirationally doable" timeline is being advocated:

     2019-Nov-DEC   Draft SDPi supplement 1.0 draft completed and published for Public Comment
     2020-JAN       IHE NA CAT '20 SDPi Plug-a-thon (informal hands-on experience)
     2020-MAR       IHE EU CAT '20 SDPi Connectathon
     2020-JUN       IHE USA CAT '20 (out-of-cycle) 
     2020-AUG       IHE Korea CAT / PAT '20
     2020-OCT       IHE Japan CAT / PAT '20

     2020           SDPi Draft 2.0

     2021           SDPi 2.0 testing / Drafting of SDPi 3.0

     2022           SDPi 3.0 testing

NOTE: This is based on the notional roadmap and schedule published in the IHE SDPi White Paper 1.1 (see below).

SDPi Profiles Versions:

Draft 1.0: Base "core" capabilities across all four profiles (PRAC)
Draft 2.0: Extended capabilities including OPTIONs
Draft 3.0: Complete support for 11073 SDC Core Standard Functionality (11073-10207, 11073-2070x)

These drafts of the SDPi Supplement will focus on volumes 1 & 2. Volume 3 will be out-of-scope at this point.

Device Specializations:

  • BICEPS models for various devices should be added starting in 2020, perhaps to TF-3 and NIST Device Profile Editors, leveraging the 11073-10720 to -10799 standards
  • Device Specialization "profiles" may be considered starting at end of 2020 or 2021

The following graphic provides a reference to the existing and emerging family of IEEE 11073 SDC Standards:

IEEE 11073 SDC Standards (Published and In-Development)

SDPi profiles will also leverage existing Devices profiles and standards, as illustrated by the following diagram:

SDPi Profiles & Foundation/Referenced Standards & Profiles


Extended list of reference materials are included in the SDPi white paper:

SDPi White Paper Version 1.1

Meeting Information & Notes

DEV SDPi WebEx 2019-12-11 NOTE: 2 hour supplement drafting session DEV SDPi WebEx 2019-11-26 NOTE: 2 hour supplement drafting session DEV SDPi WebEx 2019-11-21