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| '''<Due Date>'''  | August 2021
| '''<Due Date>'''  | August 2021
| '''<Status>''' |OPEN
| '''<Status>''' |OPEN
| '''<Comments>:'''  |  
| '''<Comments>:'''  | Jul 2021: waiting for Board / DCC request

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See also DEV Planning Committee Closed Action Items page.

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Action Items 001-009

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments
001 Form Tiger Team to create and execute punch list finalizing DEV Domain transition Todd Cooper DEV Co-chairs, Paul Sherman April 29, 2019 CLOSED

002 Board Review Todd Cooper Co-chairs ? CLOSED/ABANDONED Completing the IHE Devices transition … IHE Devices annual Board Report – will include this content:
- 1. Finalize domain & program co-chair leadership,
- 2. Finish standing-up Programs (esp. DPI!),
- 3. Update wiki & web content,
- 4. Sync IHE Devices TF 2020 Edition (to template + front matter),
- 5. Update TF supplements (as appropriate) with new organization,
- 6. IHE 2020 Domain Webinars – present in “Introducing IHE “Devices”” webinar,
- 7. Update IHE International Governance with issues found along the way to make it easier for the next domain down the path !
- Reference: IHE DEV – T3 “Transition Tiger Team” Report Out – 2020.06.24
- All the above items have been completed as of October 27th, 2020, except the Board Report.
003 Wiki Web Updates Co-chairs CLOSED Codify policy for Domain. This was a Wiki update for ballot procedures.
004 Finalize the DEV Cochair Leadership (PCD vs DEV TC & PC) - Call for Domain Cochairs. Put forth 2 names for the DEV Ballot Co-chairs CLOSED Formal ballot at the domain level? We will announce the formal decision at the October Virtual F2F. This was completed on Monday, October 5th, CoB.
005 Complete the 'Initial' DEV Roster Todd Cooper Co-chairs August 26, 2020 CLOSED This was closed during the August 26th DEV Joint Webex Meeting.
006 DEV Wikis Michael to work with John Rhoads and Todd. Co-chairs August 2021 OPEN 1.IHE DEV / DPI Program wiki updates to sync top level with DEV (make the landing page and next level down is clear). 2. Other IHE DEV wiki updates.

007 2020 Technical Framework on GitHub Michael to work with John Rhoads and Todd on this. Co-chairs August 2021 OPEN We need to also update and incorporate with CPs approved and along with the template. The CPs have been approved, just need to add to the list. Volume 3 is now in GitHub. Vol 1 and 2 needs to be combined. May be worthwhile to see how ITI has done their repo. The latest template is in good shape.
008 Collaboration Tooling Michael to work with Ken and Amit on this action. Co-chairs August 2021 OPEN Work with Amit to determine the collaboration tools we will use going forward (e.g., Google Groups, Google Docs, WikiMedia, Causeway, Confluence & Jira or other). What works for DPI is Confluence and GitHup. Most like Webex. There is also Central Desktop used by the IEEE.
009 Board Report Co-chairs August 2021 OPEN Jul 2021: waiting for Board / DCC request

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