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ITI Educational Material

The following educational materials are provided by the ITI Planning Committee for use by the public.

The goal of the material is to connect the dots between the problem and the solution defined by ITI profiles. It is geared to an audience which is familiar with healthcare interoperability problems in general but is not familiar with the way IHE addresses problems or the specific profiles provided by ITI.

Each set of slides focuses on a general topic and describes a collection of profiles which support interoperability problems related to that topic. For each set of slides there is also a link to a recorded webinar presenting the slides.

Comments: If you have comments on this work or suggestions for additional topics the ITI Planning committee should consider, please post these on the discussion tab of this page.

Interoperability, IHE and ITI Introduction

The IHE-Introduction_2011-05-18.ppt slide deck provides an introduction to the importance of interoperability, how IHE addresses the problems of interoperability and an overview of the IT Infrastructure (ITI) domain.

Webinar recording for Interoperability, IHE and ITI Introduction

Editor: Michael Nusbaum - MH Nusbaum & Assoc

Health Information Exchange: Enabling Document Sharing Using IHE Profiles

The IHE-Enabling-Document-Sharing_2012-03-21.pptx slide deck provides an overview of the Health Information Exchange: Enabling Document Sharing Using IHE Profiles white paper.

Webinar recording Health Information Exchange: Enabling Document Sharing Using IHE Profiles

Editor: Karen Witting - IBM

Security and Privacy Overview

The IHE-Security_Privacy_Part1_2012-12-30.pptx and IHE-Security_Privacy_Part2_2012-12-30.pptx slide decks provide an overview of Security and Privacy controls and IHE profiles used in support of Security and Privacy.

Webinar recording for Security and Privacy Overview Part 1

Webinar recording for Security and Privacy Overview Part 2. Note this recording does not include the DEN profile that is included in the Presentation slides.

Part 1 Profiles: Consistent Time (CT), Audit Trails and Node Authentication (ATNA), Enterprise User Authentication (EUA), Cross-Enterprise User Assertion (XUA)
Part 2 Profiles: Document Digital Signature (DSG), Basic Patient Privacy Consents (BPPC), Document Encryption (DEN)

Editor: John Moehrke - GE Healthcare

Blogged version of the slide presentation (Bloginar) available on John's blog

Publication and Discovery

The IHE-XDS_DSUB_2012-12-10.ppt slide deck describes the profiles in support publication and discovery of healthcare documents.

Webinar recording for Publication and Discovery

Profiles: Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS), Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (DSUB)

Editor: Ilia Fortunov - Microsoft

Point-to-Point Transmission of Documents

The IHE-XDM_XDR_2012-12-10.ppt slide deck describes the profiles in support of directed, point-to-point, push of healthcare documents.

Webinar recording for Point-to-Point Transmission of Documents

Profiles: Cross-Enterprise Document Media Interchange (XDM), Cross-Enterprise Document Reliable Interchange (XDR)

Editor: Chris Kenworthy - Siemens

Cross-Community: Peer-to-Peer sharing of healthcare information

The IHE-Cross-Community_2012-12-10.ppt slide deck defines a vision for Health Information Exchange across Communities and the profiles that have been defined to support it.

Webinar recording for Cross-Community: Peer-to-Peer sharing of healthcare information

Profiles: Cross-Community Patient Discovery (XCPD), Cross-Community Access (XCA)

Editor: Karen Witting - Ready Computing

XDS & XCA: On-Demand Documents Option

The IHE-XDS&XCA-On-Demand_2014-02-06.pptx slide deck describes the On-Demand enhancement to XDS and XCA which supports sources of healthcare data which can provide most recent or dynamic views of healthcare data .

Profiles: Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS), Cross-Community Access (XCA)

Editor: Karen Witting - Ready Computing

Patient Identity Management

The IHE-Patient-Identity-Mgmt-2012-03-07.pptx slide deck descibes the profiles that support patient identity managememnt.

Webinar recording Patient Identity Management

Profiles: Patient Identifier Cross-Referencing (PIX), Patient Identifier Cross-Referencing HL7 V3 (PIXV3), Patient Demographics Query (PDQ), Patient Demographics Query HL7 V3 (PDQV3), Patient Administration Management (PAM)

Editor: Eric Heflin - Medicity/THSA

Healthcare Provider Directories

The IHE-Provider-Mgmt-2012-03-14.ppt slide deck describes the profiles that support healthcare provider directories.

Webinar recording Healthcare Provider Directories

Profiles: Personnel White Pages (PWP), Healthcare Provider Directories (HPD)

Editor: Eric Heflin - Medicity/THSA

Care Services Discovery

The IHE-Care-Services-Discovery_2013-12-12.ppt slide deck describes the Care Services Discovery profile which describes public information on people, organizations, facilities and the services they offer across enterprises.

Profiles: Care Services Discovery (CSD)

Editor: Carl Leitner - IntraHealth International

Cross-enterprise Document Workflow

The IHE-XDW_2012-03-06.ppt slide deck describes the Cross-Enterprise Document Workflow (XDW) profile which enables participants in a multi-organizational environment to manage and track the tasks related to a patient-centric workflow. The IHE-XDW+XBeR-WD_2013-11-04.ppt slide deck describes how the XDW profile could be used in conjunction with a Workflow Definition profile that describes an eReferral process. The main goal is the description of a typical use-case focused in management of a document-based clinical workflow using the XDW framework. Another purpose of this deck is provide a clear picture of the content of Workflow Definition profiles, using as an example the XBeR-WD content profile from the PCC Domain.

Webinar recording Cross-enterprise Document Workflow

Profile: Cross-enterprise Document Workflow (XDW)

Editor: Luca Zalunardo, Arianna Cocchiglia - Arsenal.IT