Cross Community Access for Imaging (XCA-I) - Brief Proposal

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1. Proposed Profile: Cross Community Access for Imaging (XCA-I)

  • Proposal Editor: Claudio Saccavini, University of Padova,
  • Editor: <Name of candidate Lead Editor for the Profile, if known>
  • Date: 25 August 2008
  • Version: 1.0
  • Domain: Radiology
  • Reference Input - [IHE Profile Proposal XCA-I.doc]

2. The Problem

The Cross Community Information Exchange is very powerful to federate different XDS Affinity Domains and the XCA profile is a solution for the Document exchange. But if we need to share also DICOM images we need an extension of this profile such as XDS-I is for XDS.

3. Key Use Case

The HeathOptimum Project ( will implement in the beginning of 2009 a federation of seven different affinity domain. Every domain shares for telemedicine purposes documents and radiological images. This is the community domain scenario:

4. Standards & Systems

We can start from XCA profile including the DICOM part as in the XDS-I profile.

5. Discussion

For our project it is crucial to share images in a federation of Affinity Domains. This is also the idea of Italian Government that has decided to realize a national infrastructure not based on a single affinity domain, but on federation of Community Domains. HeathOptimum Project is a good occasion to try this solution in a small environment (seven communities: six XDS affinity domains and one non XDS).