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Cross-Enterprise Document Reliable Interchange (XDR) provides document interchange using a reliable messaging system. This permits direct document interchange between EHRs, PHRs, and other healthcare IT systems in the absence of a document sharing infrastructure such as XDS Registry and Repositories.


XDR provides a reliable and automatic transfer of documents and metadata for one patient between EHR systems even in the absence of an XDS infrastructure.


XDR supports the reuse of the Provide and Register Set transaction-b with Web-Services as transport. Transfer is direct from source to recipient, no repository or registry actors are involved. XDR is document format agnostic, supporting the same document content as XDS and XDM. Document content is described in XDS Document Content Profiles. Examples are XDS-MS, XD-LAB, XPHR, and XDS-SD. XDR defines no new metadata or message formats. It leverages XDS metadata with emphasis on patient identification, document identification, description, and relationships.

Systems Affected

Systems involved in this profile are:


Actors & Transactions: XDR-Actor-Transaction.jpg


Profile Status: Final Text

Documents: IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework Version 5 or later

CDA mapping to XDS Metadata:

Underlying Standards:

  • ebMS OASIS/ebXML Messaging Services Specifications v3.0
  • ebRIM OASIS/ebXML Registry Information Model v3.0
  • ebRS OASIS/ebXML Registry Services Specifications v3.0

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