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Cross-Community Access for Imaging(XCA) - Supports the means to query and retrieve patient relevant medical imaging data held by other communities.

The XCA-I Profile extends the IT Infrastructure XCA Profile. XCA provides access to all medical data including diagnostic reports and imaging manifests. XCA-I provides access to the images referenced in the imaging manifests.


  • Fully compatible profile with XCA as an extension.
    • XCA/XCA-I supports peer-to-peer querying with other communities
    • XCA/XCA-I supports peer-to-peer retrieve with other communities
    • XCA-I supports peer-to-peer retrieve of DICOM instances hosted by other communities


The Cross-Community Access for Imaging profile supports the means to query and retrieve patient relevant medical image data held by other communities. A community is defined as a coupling of facilities/enterprises that have agreed to work together using a common set of policies for the purpose of sharing clinical information via an established mechanism. Facilities/enterprises may host any type of healthcare application such as EHR, PHR, etc.

Such communities may be XDS Affinity Domains which define image sharing using the XDS-I profile. This profile addresses sharing between such communities.

The XCA-I Profile extends the IT Infrastructure XCA Profile for Imaging. XCA provides access to Diagnostic reports and Imaging Manifests. XCA-I provides access to the imaging objects referenced in the Manifests.

Systems Affected

Systems involved in this profile include:

  • PACS or RIS systems may store, manage, and display imaging documents.
  • EMR's and other patient management systems which will access and display imaging documents.
  • HIE's, Image Exchange Systems, and VNA's which store, manage and display imaging documents for multiple systems.

Actors & Transactions:



Profile Status: Trial Implementation


IHE Radiology Technical Framework: Su

Cross-Community Access for Imaging (XCA-I)]

Underlying Standards:

  • ebRIM OASIS/ebXML Registry Information Model v3.0
  • ebRS OASIS/ebXML Registry Services Specifications v3.0

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