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Cross-Community Access (XCA) - upports the means to query and retrieve patient relevant medical data held by other communities.


  • supports peer-to-peer querying with other communities
  • supports peer-to-peer retrieve with other communities


The Cross-Community Access profile supports the means to query and retrieve patient relevant medical data held by other communities. A community is defined as a coupling of facilities/enterprises that have agreed to work together using a common set of policies for the purpose of sharing clinical information via an established mechanism. Facilities/enterprises may host any type of healthcare application such as EHR, PHR, etc. A community is identifiable by a globally unique id called the homeCommunityId. Membership of a facility/enterprise in one community does not preclude it from being a member in another community. Such communities may be XDS Affinity Domains which define document sharing using the XDS profile or any other communities, no matter what their internal sharing structure.

Systems Affected

Systems involved in this profile are:

  • HIS

Actors & Transactions:



Profile Status: Trial Implementation


  • Vol. 1 - Section 18
  • Vol. 2a - Sections 3.18
  • Vol. 2b - Sections 3.43, 3.38 & 3.39

IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework Version 5 or later

  • Vol. 1 - Appendix J, K
  • Vol. 2x - Appendix B, K, L, N, V, W
  • Vol. 3 - Section 4.1, 4.2, 4.3

Underlying Standards:

  • ebRIM OASIS/ebXML Registry Information Model v3.0
  • ebRS OASIS/ebXML Registry Services Specifications v3.0

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