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The official supplement template is found here

This is a draft of the {{{1}}} Profile ({{{2}}}) supplement to the {{{5}}} Technical Framework. This draft is a work in progress, not the official supplement or profile.

Profile Abstract

The {{{1}}} Profile ({{{2}}}) has a one paragraph description.



Issue Log

Open Issues

  1. Issue
  2. Issue

Closed Issues

Volume I

Add the following bullet to the list of profiles
  • {{{1}}} - {{{3}}}


Add the following row(s) to the list of dependencies
Integration Profile Dependency Dependency Type Purpose

Profile Name

The {{{1}}} Profile ({{{2}}}) has a one paragraph description.

And then some more introductory text.

Use Cases

Use Case Name 1

One or more paragraphs describing a clinical scenario.

Use Case Name 2

One or more paragraphs describing a clinical scenario.


There are two actors in this profile, the Content Creator and the Content Consumer. Content is created by a Content Creator and is to be consumed by a Content Consumer. The sharing or transmission of content from one actor to the other is addressed by the appropriate use of IHE profiles described below, and is out of scope of this profile. A Document Source or a Portable Media Creator may embody the Content Creator Actor. A Document Consumer, a Document Recipient or a Portable Media Importer may embody the Content Consumer Actor. The sharing or transmission of content or updates from one actor to the other is addressed by the use of appropriate IHE profiles described by section 3.7 Content Bindings with XDS, XDM and XDR found in the Patient Care Coordination Technical Framework

{{{1}}} Actor Diagram


Actor Option Section
{{{1}}} Options
Content Consumer View Option (1)

Document Import Option (1)
Section Import Option (1)
Discrete Data Import Option (1)

PCC TF-1: 2.13.1

PCC TF-1: 2.13.2
PCC TF-1: 2.13.3
PCC TF-1: 2.13.4

Content Creator Referral Option (1)

Discharge Summary Option (1)

PCC TF-1: 2.13.5

PCC TF-1: 2.13.6

Note 1: The Actor shall support at least one of these options.


Content Bindings with XDS, XDM and XDR

It is expected that the transfers of care will occur in an environment where the physician offices and hospitals have a coordinated infrastructure that serves the information sharing needs of this community of care. Several mechanisms are supported by IHE profiles:

For more details on these profiles, see the IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework.

Content profiles may impose additional requirements on the transactions used when grouped with actors from other IHE Profiles.

Cross Enterprise Document Sharing, Media Interchange and Reliable Messages

Actors from the ITI XDS, XDM and XDR profiles embody the Content Creator and Content Consumer sharing function of this profile. A Content Creator or Content Consumer must be grouped with appropriate actors from the XDS, XDM or XDR profiles, and the metadata sent in the document sharing or interchange messages has specific relationships to the content of the clinical document described in the content profile.

Notification of Document Availability (NAV)

A Document Source should provide the capability to issue a Send Notification Transaction per the ITI Notification of Document Availability (NAV) Integration Profile in order to notify one or more Document Consumer(s) of the availability of one or more documents for retrieval. One of the Acknowledgement Request options may be used to request from a Document Consumer that an acknowledgement should be returned when it has received and processed the notification. A Document Consumer should provide the capability to receive a Receive Notification Transaction per the NAV Integration Profile in order to be notified by Document Sources of the availability of one or more documents for retrieval. The Send Acknowledgement option may be used to issue a Send Acknowledgement to a Document Source that the notification was received and processed.

Document Digital Signature (DSG)

When a Content Creator Actor needs to digitally sign a document in a submission set, it may support the Digital Signature (DSG) Content Profile as a Document Source. When a Content Consumer Actor needs to verify a Digital Signature, it may retrieve the digital signature document and may perform the verification against the signed document content.

Content Modules

Content modules describe the content of a payload found in an IHE transaction. Content profiles are transaction neutral. They do not have dependencies upon the transaction that they appear in.

Content Module 1

Process Flow

{{{1}}} Process Flow

More text about process flow

Actor Definitions


Transaction Definitions


Volume II

{{{1}}} Content


Clinical Document Architecture, Release 2, 2005 HL7
Implementation Guide for CDA Release 2 – Level 1 and 2 – Care Record Summary (US realm), 2006, HL7.
ASTM/HL7 Continuity of Care Document (Draft)

Data Element Index

Data Elements Other Reference LOINC Section or CDA Element
{{{1}}} Data Elements
Data Element 1
Data Element 2
Data Element 3

Document Specification

Data Element Opt Section Template ID
{{{1}}} Constraints
Data Element 1 R
Data Element 2 R2
Data Element 3 O

Section Template 1

Parent Template
General Description This section shall ...
LOINC Code Opt Description
#####-# R Description
Entries Opt Description O Description
Sub-sections Opt Description R Description

Header Template 1

<entry>An XML Example</entry>


Description of the entry element.

Entry Template 1

<entry>An XML Example</entry>


Description of the entry element.