Connectathon Using Gazelle Test Tools

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The Gazelle Test Tools cover a number of different areas. The Kereval team describes the tools and uses on this page.

This page summarizes the tools one would actually use during a Connectathon. The page referenced above describes the full suite of tools, and some of those tools are not used directly at a testing event.

Tool Comment
Gazelle Test Management
  • Sometimes just referred to as 'Gazelle'
  • TM is the application used to manage the connectathon process, from registration through pre-Connectathon & Connectathon testing, until the generation of the test report
  • More description on this wiki: Connectathon Using Gazelle Test Management Only
Gazelle Proxy
  • "Man in the middle": captures the messages exchanged between two systems and forwards them to the validation service front-end
  • More description on this wiki: Connectathon Using the Gazelle Proxy