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The Community Medication Administration (CMA) is a Content Module Profile describing the content and format of an administration document generated during the process in which a health care professional (physician, pharmacist, nurse, etc.) administers a medication to a patient. The process may also be performed by the patient him- or herself (self-administrations) or others (e.g., relatives, etc.).


The profile improves the quality and safety of the documentation of Medication Administrations by enhancing the readability of such documentations and reducing errors.


The profile provides the standardized content specification for recording all kinds of Medication Administrations in the Commmunity Pharmacy setting.

Depending on the nature of the medication, the administration event may take place at a single point of time (e.g., intake of tablets) or may take place as an interval process having a start and end time (e.g., infusion).

The interval process can be divided into a “simple interval” variant, where only one interval is documented and “complex interval” variant, where multiple, related intervals are documented (e.g., because the parameters of the administration, such as medication, dose, drop-rate, etc., changed during the timespan of the overall administration process). The scope of this profile is to cover all of the characteristics of administrations.

Documents created according to this profile are intended to be used in the context of the “Community Medication Prescription and Dispense” Integration Profile (CMPD). For a detailed overview on the whole Pharmacy domain business processes, please refer to the “Common parts” document, which is accompanying this profile.

Systems Affected

  • Software modules for recording medication administrations in clinics, general practicion offices, etc.

Actors & Transactions

  • Content Creator
  • Content Consumer

Usually grouped with other actors such as the Medication Administration Performer actor of the Community Medication Prescription and Dispense (CMPD) profile.



Profile Status: Trial Implementation

Documents: IHE Pharmacy Technical Framework:

  • [1] - Community Medication Administration (CMA) Supplement

Underlying Standards:

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The Community Medication Prescription and Dispense Integration Profile (CMPD) describes the process of prescription, validation, dispense and administration of medication in the community domain.

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