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Domain Committees

Domain Committees Co-chairs Status
Cardiology Domain
Cardiology Planning Committee Active
Cardiology Technical Committee Active
Radiology Domain
Radiology Planning Committee Kevin O'Donnell Chris Lindop Active
Radiology Technical Committee Cor Loef (vacant) Active
Mammography Technical SubCommittee Rita Zuley? David Clunie? Active
Nuclear Medicine Technical SubCommittee Jerry Wallis Kevin O'Donnell Dormant?

Regional and National Committees

Regional/National Committees Co-chairs Status
IHE Europe
European IHE Committee Karima Bourquard Peter Kuenecke Active
European Core Group Active
IHE France
IHE France Committee Philippe Puech Emmanuel Cordonnier Active
IHE Germany
IHE Germany Committee Berthold Wein Alexander Ihls Active

Administrative Committees

Admin Committees Co-chairs Status
Strategic Development Committee David Piraino? Active
Domain Cochairs Committee Chris Carr? Didi Davis? Active
Marketing Committee Dormant

See Also

Mailing Lists are available for most committees.