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(IHE International Committees)
(IHE International Committees)
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[[Global Deployment Coordination Committee]]
[[Global Deployment Coordination Committee]]
[[IHE Education Committee] (Professional Certification)]
[[IHE Education Committee]] (Professional Certification)
==[[International| Regional and National Committees]]==
==[[International| Regional and National Committees]]==

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IHE Committees are populated by representatives of IHE Member Organizations.

Domain Committees

A general overview of the annual timeline of domain committee activities can be found here: Domain Milestone Dates.

IHE Domain Committee Co-Chairs Master List - Google Sheet

IHE International Committees

IHE International Committees Master List - Google sheet

IHE International Board

IHE International Board Operations Committee

Domain Coordination Committee (Co-Chairs)

Testing and Tools Committee

Conformity Assessment Committee

Marketing and Communications Committee

Global Deployment Coordination Committee

IHE Education Committee (Professional Certification)

Regional and National Committees

IHE Regional and National Committee - Wiki

IHE Deployment Committee Co-Chair Public Master List

Joint Workgroups

IHE-HL7 Joint Workgroup

See Also

Mailing Lists are available for most committees.

Committee List Archives