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The Public Comment Phase of the development of each IHE Integration Profile allows interested people to provide input on the Profiles, the scenarios and use cases they address, the technologies proposed and other details.

In particular, vendors who will implement the profiles and members of the healthcare community who will use the profiles are encouraged to review and comment.

Supplements - Before any new Profile or other material is added to the IHE Technical Frameworks, it is written up as a separate "Supplement" document.

Public Comment - When new Supplements are sufficiently complete, they are published for 30 days of Public Comment. Comments may be submitted in the IHE Forums.

Trial Implementation - After the Public Comments have been reviewed, discussed and any necessary changes made, the Supplements are published for Trial Implementation.

Final Text - After <some conditions like being through a Connectathon> and any necessary changes made, Supplements are published as Final Text. Final Text Supplements are usually merged into the domain Technical Framework, but may be available for a short time as a separate document.

Change Proposals - <explain>

The following diagram shows this process with some additional detail: <Insert the Vol. 0 diagram>