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Current Activities

The following profiles are being developed in 2008-2009. (See Meeting List below).

Image Enabled Office Profile

ECG Workflow

Implanted Device Cardiac Observations (IDCO) - major revision

Current Meetings

Some key meetings are shown here for convenience. See the IHE Calendar for the official listing of all T-Cons and meetings.

Meeting notifications and reminders are sent to the Committee Mailing list. T-Cons may be added or re-scheduled periodically.

Dates and Times are Central Time (Chicago UTC-0600)

Date Time Location Topic Agenda Minutes
2007.12.17 1000-1100 T-Con Discussion of 2007-2008 Profiles [1] -
2008.01.14 1000-1100 T-Con Walk through EP Measurement Sup 129 - -
2008.03.04 - 05 All Day Milwaukee - Mortara Instrument Edit of profiles for Public Comments for 2007-2008 Profile Development - -
2008.03.17 1000-1200 T-Con Profile Discussion: IEO review of actors and transactions - -
2008.03.31 1000-1200 T-Con Planning Cmte report; potentially Img Enabled Office topic - -
2008.04.07 1000-1200 T-Con Profile Discussion: IDCO review - -
2008.04.14 1000-1200 T-Con Profile Discussion: ECG Workflow - review 1 - -
2008.04.21 1000-1200 T-Con Profile Discussion: Img Enabled Office - review 1 - -
2008.04.28 1000-1200 T-Con Profile Discussion: topic TBD - -
2008.05.05 1000-1200 T-Con Profile Discussion: ECG Workflow - review 2 - -
2008.05.12 1000-1200 T-Con Profile Discussion: Img Enabled Office - review 2 - -
2008.05.19 1000-1200 T-Con Profile Discussion: t-conn topic TBD - -
2008.05.26 1000-1200 T-Con Profile Discussion: t-conn topic TBD - -
2008.06.04-05 All day Face-to-face MKE TC Face-to-face: Finalize supplements for Public Comment - -
2008.05.14-15 All Day Webex Finalization of 2008-2009 Profiles for Trial Implementation; reconcile public comments - -


Representatives with Voting Privileges (shown in the table below as Voting = Yes) may vote and count towards quorum.

Voting Privileges are based on the Roster Role and attendance of the Member Organization for this committee.

Attendance is recorded for the last three meetings. + Present, - Absent, p Proxy (Report errors to the Secretary and/or Cochairs)

NOTE: New Member Organizations are granted Voting Privileges at the start of their second consecutive meeting.

IHE Member Organizations Representative Name Role Voting Mar 4-5 '08 mmm dd mmm dd mmm dd
Siemens Micha Coleman Co-chair Yes +
Philips Tom Dolan Co-chair Yes +
ACC (Sponsor) Rick Hays/Dan Romans Secretary N/A -
Cardiac Science Rich Fronek Primary Yes +
Cardiac Science Brian Cole +
Cardiac Science Chris Barnett +
Cardiac Science Glen Rudie +
Emageon Keith Klassy Primary Yes +
Medtronic Tom Schultz +
Boston Scientific Nick Steblay +
GE Harry Solomon Primary Yes +
GE Raj Narayanaswamy No +
GE Brian Young +
Mortara Barry Brown Primary Yes +
Philips Bijoy Sundersingh Alternate +
Toshiba Kevin O'Donnell Primary -
Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology Lynn Felhofer Technical Project Manager N/A +
Attendance / Quorum 3 x / 3 / / /

If your organization is an IHE Member and you would like to be added to this roster, please provide the name of your voting representative (and optionally, alternates) to the Committee Secretary.

If your status needs to be adjusted, please contact the Committee Secretary and or a Cochair.

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