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==Current Meetings==
==Current Meetings==
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Current Meetings

Date Time Location Topic Agenda Minutes
2007.01.04 (1st Thurs) 1100-1300 EST Tcon 1-866-703-8313 225451# ACC Demo Planning
2006.12.01 0900-1730 Washington ACC Demo Planning


Committee participation is open and voluntary, but in order to remain as an Active member, participants must take part regularly in committee meetings and teleconferences and perform committee assignments. Audit members may stay on the mailing list but will not be allowed to vote or count toward quorum.

Name Affiliation Status
Jon Elion, MD Agfa Co-chair
Robert Baumgartner McKesson Co-chair
William Weintraub, MD Christiana Health (Newark, Delaware) Clinical Liaison/Cochair
Andrew Keller, MD Columbia Presy (New York / Danbury) Clinical Liaison/Cochair

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