Card Tech Minutes 2018.07.25

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Chris Melo, Co-chair, Philips Healthcare
Nick Gawrit, Co-chair, heartbase
Paul Dow, Secretary, ACC
Charles Thomas, University of Washington
Andrea Price, Indiana University
Dan Murphy, Epic
Sophia Chaidez, HCA


CPN Companion Guide Discussion/Voting - Rebecca Baker, 30 mins
David Slotwiner MD and Jerry Serwer MD, co-chairs of the IHE-CARD Planning Committee, provided substantial feedback regarding the C-Suite perspective of the document. While the feedback was helpful, it did seem to change the scope and focus of the document. The discussion then moved towards having potential end users provide more comment. There is no specific way to ensure that C-suite level staff review other than to directly reach out to them and request comment. We did clarify that IHE documents are open source, so this could occur before, or during, the Public Comment period. Some of the comments from the clinicians seemed to diverge from the scope of the document. The emphasis of the C-Suite is how to improve charge capture and quality with CPN. The public feedback will be very valuable and help us understand if it can meet the needs of end users.
Note: we will need to place the document into the standard IHE format prior to sending it Mary. Paul and Rebecca will work on this task to meet our deadline.
  • Voting Questions: Should the CPN Companion Guide be submitted for Public Comment?
All votes approve sending the document for public comment. There were zero No or Abstention votes registered.

CPN Extensions Profile Supplement for Trial Implementation - Charles Thomas, 30 mins
Charles Thomas presented an update to the 'History and Physical section. There were several other locations, e.g. cath lab, EP lab, where the procedure may be performed. This could be useful to keep in mind as further enhancements are developed. Other points of discussion were brought up regarding topics that are optional for the procedure and may be decided by the clinician in the lab. The extensions could benefit from expert consensus in future versions. Some of these comments are suitable for a change proposal.
Note: Charles will verify the links in the document prior to sending it to Mary. Dan will assist.
  • Voting Results: Should the CPN Extensions Profile Supplement be released for Trial Implementation?
All votes approve releasing for trial implementation. There were zero No or Abstention votes registered.