Card Tech Minutes 2018.07.09-11

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Chris Melo, Co-Chair, Philips Healthcare
Nick Gawrit, Co-Chair, heartbase
Rebecca Baker, ACC
Antje Schroeder, Siemens Healthineers
Bruce Bray, Univ of Utah
Nakano Shinichi, Canon, IHE Japan
Takeshi Oozeki,Canon , IHE Japan
Charles Thomas, University of Washington[WebEx]
Jim McRae, University of Washington[WebEx]
Christina Demur, GE Healthcare[WebEx]
Andrea Price, Indiana University [WebEx]
Sophia Chaidez, HCA [WebEx]

Day 1 Minutes

Introductions / Agenda review
CPN Extensions - Charles Thomas
Review of public comment feedback on CPN Extensions profile

Got comments from Siemens, Epic, Philips, ACC, and heartbase. ACC comments included on values in the Indications value set. Will address the corrections to the existing value set. Will not add new values but that work will be part of the separate focus on the specific clinical reports. Action: Bruce, Rebecca, Charles to review the issues raised and how to solve.

Update on related cardiology standardization activities - Bruce Bray
HSPC - Health Services Platform Consortium - is focused on implementation of standards.
CIIC - Clinical Information Interoperability Council - is focused on implementation of standards. FDA, CMS are involved.
HL7 Clinical Interoperability Council (CIC) - includes a project on registry data elements.

These are focused on US realm initially. But there is interest in expanding to international. There will be a meeting of HSPC and CIIC at the end of July. ACC Informatics task force is discussing how to link to these efforts.

DICOM WG1 - Antje and Bruce are leading this. Exploring what to focus on - finding ourselves. How do echo templates support guidelines coming out or recently have come out. One topic is support for echo reporting. This is not covered by CPN curently.

Have interacted with European Society of Cardiology - for eCardiology to standardize reporting and workflows. Suggested to raise this with the Planning Committee.

CPN Companion Guide - current status - Rebecca
Rebecca reviewed the current status of the documents. Discussion about what should be in the technical document. There is need for a document/template for use in the RFI process.
Nick suggested only publishing the executive and clinical documents. These would be used to help in the RFI process. Not for vendors to implement the profile.
Andrea suggests putting links into the clinical document to the CPN profile. Example of how to model a lesion. Driven by the content of the clinical document. When review the clinical document, find out where information is needed. When all the clinical document is reviewed, the supportive material is complete.
Began review of clinical document. Rebecca will post the updated document to the ftp site.
Homework for all - review clinical and see where additional explanation is needed in the clinical portion of this document.
CPN Extension - triage feedback - Charles
Collated public comments - only 51 comments.
Addressed comments from Siemens and Philips.
Homework:Charles to review the remaining comments. Will propose resolutions for discusson on Tuesday.