Card Tech Minutes 2017.09.20

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Nick Gawrit, heartbase, Co-chair
Paul Dow, ACC, Secretary
Charles Thomas, University of Washington
Dan Murphy, Epic
Gila Pike, Cogna
Antje Schroeder, Siemens Healthineers
Rebecca Baker, ACC
Andrea Price, Indiana University


Review of Call for Proposals
The CFP closed on 9/22 and four proposals were submitted for consideration this year:
1. Structural Heart Procedure Additions to the CPN Profile, Proposal Editor: Charles Thomas, UW Medicine and Sandeep Krishnan MD
2. Cath Workflow Update, Proposal Editor: Nick Gawrit, heartbase
3. CIRC Addition to CPN Profile Update, Proposal Editor: Nick Gawrit, heartbase
4. IVUS Profile Proposal for CATH, Proposal Editor: Nakano Shinichi, Toshiba
  • Next Steps: Paul has uploaded the four documents to the IHE FTP Site to the Profile Proposals folder of Year 13 2017-2018 directory.
Connectathon Update
Gila presented a latest update for the registration. Heartbase has signed up as a content creator for CPN. Philips has signed up to Echo as an acquisition modality. Registration is open until October 6th. Now is the time to speak to other vendors to encourage them to take part in testing. Vendors tend to wait until the last minute, so we are on track for CTA.
HIMSS asked if they could highlight CPN in their marketing materials. We agreed and look forward to the greater visibility of the profile.
  • Next Steps: Gila will provide weekly updates regarding the progress of vendor registration.
Other Updates
The Planning Committee will review the profiles at an upcoming conference call, and short list the possible candidates before the Technical Committee reviews them. The will vote on the profile selection in October. The Tech Committee will meet at Heart House Dec 11-13, 2017. We had to refine the dates due to available rooms at Heart House.
We may roll all four proposals into two, bigger proposals. We will ask for detailed proposals to be ready by October 4th.
  • Next Steps: Paul will also update the TC and PC wikis to reflect the upcoming profile review sessions during the weekly T-con as well as the new project year.