Card Tech Minutes 2009.12.03

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  • Tom Dolan (Co-chair), Philips
  • Antje Schroeder (Co-chair), Siemens
  • Barry Brown, Mortara
  • Dan Roman, ACC Staff
  • Donna Goldberg, HRS Staff
  • Keith Klassy, AMICAS
  • Micha Coleman, Medtronic
  • Nick Gawrit, Heartbase, Inc.
  • Paul Seifert, Agfa Healthcare


  1. Updates from Profile Workgroups
    • Resting ECG Workflow
      • No update since last Technical Committee call.
      • Scheduling next call for week of 12/7.
      • Barry reviewed profile and discussed issues that might need work with the call attendees.
    • EP Implant Workflow
      • Workgroup has been meeting twice a week but focusing on IDCO profile and balloting for the IDCO nomenclature.
      • HRS has approved the formation of a Clinical Task Force for this profile.
      • Work on the EP Implant Workflow profile will most likely begin January when the group can meet during the HL7 meeting.
      • ACTION ITEM: Milestones are needed.
      • ACTION ITEM: Donna, Nick S., Dr. Slotwiner and Dr. Kusimoto will be meeting to discuss the profile further.
    • Image-Enabled Office
      • No update
    • Cardiology Report Content
      • No update
    • 3D/4D Echo
      • Antje is discussing the use cases with Lars and Joe and then sending them to the Clinical Task Force, most likely by the end of the year.
      • Antje has discussed the profile with WG-12 and there is concern that WG-11 will not be up to speed with the needs of this profile. They are planning to have a joint meeting in February.
  2. Review of Board Report
    • ACTION ITEM: The deployment section should be updated to include a discussion of vendor uptake of profiles and request to the Board to better improve its marketing IHE profiles. The report then needs to be sent to the Domain Coordination Commmittee and the Board.
  3. Other Business
    • ACTION ITEM: Paul S. to add status template pages for all profiles.
    • ACTION ITEM: Editors need to update their respective work pages.