Card Plan Minutes 2010.01.28

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  • Alan Katz (chair)
  • David Slotwiner (co-chair)
  • Tom Dolan (chair TC)
  • Antje Schroeder (co-chair TC)
  • Nick Steblay
  • Harry Solomon
  • Donna Goldberg
  • Gerald Serwer
  • Barry Brown
  • Mary Schneider
  • Nick Gawrit
  • Rick Fronek
  • John Donnelly
  • Paul Seifert
  • Kathryn Pontzer
  • Greg Newman
  • Kevin O'Donnell
  • Bill Weintraub
  • Peter Tilkemeier
  • Dan Roman


  1. Sponsorship Update
    • HRS and ASNC have agreed to sponsor the Cardiology Domain
      • The letter of agreement is still being worked out
      • ACC staff is still seeking additional sponsorship from other cardiovascular societies
    • It was suggested that the additional sponsorship dollars be put towards a resource to manage the tools development process and test cases.
      • ACTION ITEM: ACC staff to arrange a call with Chris Carr, the Domain leadership, and the Domain sponsors to discuss next steps.
    • ICDO profile used money from a NIST grant
      • ACTION ITEM: John Donnelly to talk to NIST and HITSP
  2. Update from the Technical Committee
    • Review of work calendar - See here
    • Image-Enabled Office - Harry Solomon
      • Teleconference scheduled for Wednesday, 2/3/2010, at 11 AM ET for those interested.
    • Cardiology Report Content - Harry Solomon
      • HL7 ballot reconciliation on procedure note has finished. This will provide structure for the profile.
      • DICOM has expressed interest in this profile.
    • Resting ECG Profile - Barry Brown
      • Lots of progress, workgroup meeting weekly.
      • Scope has been settled.
      • Draft for Planning Committee review to come soon.
    • EP Workflow - Nick Steblay and David Slotwiner
      • HRS formed a Task Force for this profile but it is still in an organizational phase. They're hoping for a February meeting.
      • PLEASE NOTE: This profile will now be a white paper that discusses use cases and players.
  3. 3D/4D Echo White Paper
    • There is still concern over the lack of dedicated workflow for 3D/4D workflow.
    • Review of use cases
      • Please review here and send feedback to Antje.
  4. Board Report Discussion
    • The plan will be to have the Board Report reviewed by the Board Co-Chairs in early February, the International Board Chairs in late February, and then the International Board in March.
    • ACTION ITEM: Dan to update rosters and post on wiki.
    • ACTION ITEM: Tom to update Board Report for February review.
    • ACTION ITEM: Dan to contact VA domain members for example of IHE profile in use.
  5. Next Cardiology Domain face to face meeting scheduled for Saturday, March 13, 2010, from 10 AM to 2 PM ET in Atlanta Georgia. Details and agenda to come.