CDA Release 2.0 Content Modules

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HL7 Version 3.0 Content Modules

This section contains content modules based upon the HL7 CDA Release 2.0 Standard, and related standards and/or implementation guides.

CDA Document Content Modules

CDA Header Content Modules

CDA Section Content Modules

This list defines the sections that may appear in a medical document. It is intended to be a comprehensive list of all document sections that are used by any content profile defined in the Patient Care Coordination Technical Framework. All sections shall have a narrative component that may be freely formatted into normal text, lists, tables, or other appropriate human-readable presentations. Additional subsections or entry content modules may be required.

Reasons for Care

The sections described below describe various reasons why healthcare is being provided to the patient.

Other Condition Histories

The sections defined below provide historical information about the patient's conditions.


This section contains section content modules that describe activities surrounding the use of medication.

Physical Exams

Relevant Studies

Plans of Care

This section provides content modules for sections that describe the plan of care intended for the patient.

Procedures Performed


Administrative and Other Information

CDA and HL7 Version 3 Entry Content Modules