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This template is for one or two page IHE workitem proposals for initial review. To create a new proposal, first log in to the Wiki (or create an account if you don't already have one). Then create an appropriately named new Wiki page (see the editing instructions linked to "Help" at left. Then come back to this page, click "edit" above, select and copy the contents of this page and paste the contents into your newly created page.

<Delete everything in italics and angle brackets and replace with real text. This means delete the angle bracket character and the two quote marks too.>

1. Proposed Workitem: <initial working name for profile/whitepaper/etc>

  • Proposal Editor: <Name of author/editor/contact for the proposal>
  • Editor: <Name of candidate Lead Editor for the Profile, if known>
  • Date: N/A (Wiki keeps history)
  • Version: N/A (Wiki keeps history)
  • Domain: <Domain name (e.g. Radiology)>

remove this tag [[Category:DomainAbbreviation]] remove this tag too

2. The Problem

<Summarize the integration problem. What doesn’t work, or what needs to work.>

<Now describe the Value Statement: what is the underlying cost incurred by the problem, what is to be gained by solving it>

3. Key Use Case

<Describe a short use case scenario from the user perspective. The use case should demonstrate the integration/workflow problem.>

<Feel free to add a second use case scenario demonstrating how it “should” work. Try to indicate the people/systems, the tasks they are doing, the information they need, and hopefully where the information should come from.>

4. Standards and Systems

<List existing systems that are/could be involved in the problem/solution.>

<If known, list standards which might be relevant to the solution>

5. Discussion

<Include additional discussion or consider a few details which might be useful for the detailed proposal>

<Why IHE would be a good venue to solve the problem and what you think IHE should do to solve it.>
<What might the IHE technical approach be? Existing Actors? New Transactions? Additional Profiles?>
<What are some of the risks or open issues to be addressed?>

<This is the brief proposal. Try to keep it to 1 or at most 2 pages>

<Delete this Category Templates line since your specific Profile Proposal page is no longer a template.>