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==Formal Specification==
==[https://profiles.ihe.net/ITI/TF/Volume1/ch-19.html Formal Specification]==
===[https://profiles.ihe.net/ITI/TF/Volume1/ch-19.html Formal Specification]===
* [https://profiles.ihe.net/ITI/TF/Volume1/ch-19.html Final Text]
* [https://profiles.ihe.net/ITI/TF/Volume1/ch-19.html Final Text]

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Basic Patient Privacy Consents (BPPC) provides a mechanism to record the patient privacy consent(s) and a method for Content Consumers to use to enforce the privacy consent appropriate to the use. This profile complements XDS by describing a mechanism whereby an XDS Affinity Domain can develop and implement multiple privacy policies, and describes how that mechanism can be integrated with the access control mechanisms supported by the XDS Actors (e.g. EHR systems).

Formal Specification

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